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3 Painting Tips For Your Home by Avo Barsoumian – taken from http://www.lifearticles.net/3-painting-tips-for-your-home/

A homeowner can add quick style to a room by choosing from several different painting techniques for the walls. Some techniques in painting can make a DIY paint job look very professional.

You need to make sure that you are well prepared before you start any type of painting on your walls. This means keeping all your supplies at the ready, prepping the walls by filling in any holes or cracks, and tapping off windows and trim with blue painter’s tape. You will need certain tools to accomplish either painting technique, so make sure you pick these up as well.

Rag Painting Technique

No paint brushes or rollers are used in the rag painting technique. Instead, paint is applied to the walls with simple rags such as old t-shirts or any type of cotton rag. This technique will cause a marbled effect on the wall. For rag painting:

Immerse the rag in a container of paint and shake off any excess.

Then dab the rag onto the wall, applying the paint in any pattern you want, but make sure to not spread the pattern out too much.

A darker base color can be applied, and then a lighter paint color can be ragged on to add a more creative touch.

Sponge Painting Technique

Sponging or sponge painting is a technique used for giving walls depth and interest. Before you can sponge paint, you will need to apply a base color to the wall. In order to sponge paint:

Using any paint or glaze of your choice, dip a regular sponge or sea sponge into it.

Begin from the outside of any of the walls and randomly dab the sponge.

You can choose to complete all the walls in this manner or choose to do only one if you want.

Color Washing Technique

If you want a subtle finish that gives the appearance of floating color, then color washing is your technique. This technique is great for anyone with walls that have many flaws that you want to hide. This technique can take a little more time than the other since you need to build up layers for the full effect. To use the color washing technique:

Paint the wall in a base color you want and the wait for it to dry.

Then a complimentary or slightly different color will need to be used to apply another layer of paint.

Only use a paint brush when painting this layer and apply paint in all different directions, going over your strokes in order to have the base color show through in random areas.

More than one layer of painting can be done like this if you desire for another color to show on the walls as well.

From a kitchen to a bedroom, these painting techniques can be used in any room. These styles are great ways to add style sot the walls and to spruce the room up a bit.

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