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“Hydropanic at the Natatorium” Cover – Artwork by Mark Nelson

DFW Painting’s first featured band of the week is none other than the positively divine Happy Bullets! Why? Because they keep us highly entertained, on our (dancin’) feet, and there are days we simply can’t help but sing their songs aloud in the office.

We are extremely excited about their forthcoming new album, Hydropanic at the Natatorium, and since we’ve had a teeny-tiny sneak listen, we can assure you that you’ll want this in your CD player the minute it drops.

Join the DFW Painting gang at Lee Harvey’s this coming Friday, September 4th for another brilliant live performance. The splendid Drawn by Jaymz is also performing. Find one of us and say the magic word, “sheen” and we’ll buy ya a beer!

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