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How to Choose Your Paint Colors by Lisa Robison!

One of the biggest questions I get as a designer is, “What Color Do I paint my walls?”

Now, you have to make a few decisions first.

What colors do you like?  Depending on how dramatic you want the space to be?  Do you want it to be soothing?  How do you want it to relate to the other rooms in your house.

What items are going to be in the room that you’re going to be painting?  It’s much easier to start inside your room and go out to your walls than to start with your walls and then try to decorate around what colors you’ve chosen.

So, I like to choose a color that is in one of the fabrics that I will be using in the room.  It could be a drapery or pillow or even a rug.  I love to start with a rug, it’s much easier to start there to find a color for your walls than it is to do it the opposite way.

You can go several different ways with this, if you like a very soothing room that is really quiet, you might choose a color that you find in the background or you might choose the grey color and put that on the walls and this deep blue might be a beautiful credenza or a piece of furniture.

The beautiful thing about this is that now you have a palette to choose from, lots of different colors that all go together.

This way you create a unified color palette that you’ll be happy with throughout your whole home.

Lisa Robison is a Designer and Co-Founder for Dwell with Dignity.

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