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Choosing the right paint for your space doesn’t end at the color.  The finish or sheen should be factored into your decision as it can affect the appearance and cleaning ability of the surface. Sheen refers to how shiny or flat the paint is. The variety of sheens serve a variety of purposes are ideal for different rooms or surfaces.

FLATselecting the right paint finish quick-guide
This type of finish is most often used on ceilings and is preferred in new construction.  Flat paint doesn’t reflect light directly allowing it to hide imperfections and flaws making flat the most forgiving finish.  A flat finish should be used in areas where frequent cleaning is not necessary.

This low-luster option is easier to clean than flat paint and is hardwearing, making the finish a more popular option for walls.  This elegant finish hides wall blemishes and is ideal for lower traffic areas such as offices and foyers where there is little concern for scuffs.

This moderately shiny finish is the better choice for more active rooms and because it absorbs moisture well, is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.  One of the most popular paint sheens as it’s durable enough to withstand the natural wear and tear of a family home.

Most suitable for high-traffic areas as this finish can easily scrub clean.  Although this popular finish is durable, semi-gloss should be selected for walls or surfaces that have very few blemishes or imperfections.  Ideal for woods, trim, doors and cabinets and other surfaces that need frequent washing.

This eye-catching and easy-to-clean finish is often used on high traffic surfaces or to help architectural features pop.  The gloss finish is highly reflective and can highlight imperfections and impact the lighting in your space. Most common uses are on trim, doors and windows, molding and is often used on furniture.

For more information on color and sheen selection, visit our Youtube video and as always we are happy to help.



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