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Honeysuckle: How to use this hot color to brighten things up by Sarah Wolfe, Associated Press – Taken from heraldnet.com
Honeysuckle Color
Bright red-pink and bursting with energy, honeysuckle is dominating home decor trends in 2011 as a playful and vibrant alternative to the serene turquoise of 2010.

The hue is everywhere this spring, and design experts say there are many easy ways to incorporate it into your home without breaking the bank.

Honeysuckle is the official color of 2011 as chosen by the Pantone Color Institute, the research arm of Pantone Inc., which largely sets color standards for the fashion and home industries.

Paint and wallpaper

One easy and inexpensive way to brighten up your home is by painting an accent wall in honeysuckle.

If pink walls seem a bit daunting, try a wall in the bedroom first, said interior designer Carey Vizzi Jacobs.

A new wallpaper collection by Thibaut Designs features honeysuckle in a variety of vibrant lattices, damasks and florals on frothy pastel and rich velvety backgrounds.

Bold wall choices like honeysuckle are a good balance to neutral furniture, particularly white, cream and tan, said Thibaut’s Molly McDermott Walsh.

Throw pillows

Bright and lively throw pillows are another cheap and easy way to pepper your home with this warm hue.

Bed, Bath and Beyond is carrying several pillows with bold honeysuckle stripes and other prints for less than $50, as is World Market, said Texas blogger Morgan Cullen, who created the home decor blog Casa Cullen. She also suggests heading to the fabric store and making your own pillows.


If pillows aren’t your thing, try drapes or linens in a honeysuckle print in the kitchen or bedroom, Vizzi Jacobs said. Brighten up your bathroom with a pink rug or shower curtain, such as Pottery Barn Teen’s white cotton percale shower curtain ($49) edged with a honeysuckle ribbon, Cullen said.

Table runners, napkins and sheets are also showing up in shades of honeysuckle.


Honeysuckle can be popped into small accent pieces for a more understated look. Cullen suggests painting three frames with honeysuckle-colored spray paint for framing black-and-white photos.

She also suggests painting the back wall of built-ins, media or bookshelves in honeysuckle for a burst of color.

Anthropologie offers whimsical touches of honeysuckle this spring in a pink poppy ceramic door knob ($8) and a melon-colored ceramic and brass drawer pull ($6), Cullen said.

And don’t forget artwork, even in unexpected places. “All bathrooms deserve great art, so invest in a cheery honeysuckle-colored piece that will make you smile year-round,” Cullen said.

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