Taken from American Painting Contractor, May 2011 issue. By: Debbie Zimmer, PQI’s Paint and Color Expert

When time and money are in short supply, it’s hard for many consumers to think about big remodeling projects. But with a little imagination, you can quickly make big changes in the appearance of a potential customer’s home interior or exterior. Here are five ideas to promote simple “remodeling with paint,” either as a standalone project or in conjunction with a larger paint project.

Idea #1: Paint an accent wall. Instead of painting an entire room, offer the concept of painting just one wall in a different color. A so-called accent wall can add visual interest to any space and create an opportunity to introduce another hue into the color scheme.

Idea #2: Paint the area above (or below) a chair rail. If your client’s home is blessed with chair rails, think about repainting just the wall area above or below the rail. The natural break created by the trim provides a convenient boundary for the new paint color.

Idea #3: Paint just the interior windows and trim. Another option is to stick with the wall color, but paint windows, molding and trim. This can produce dramatic change in almost any room, but especially in those where the walls are painted in a neutral color like beige or off-white.

Idea #4: Paint the front door. Ask any Realtor and he or she will tell you that the front entrance is what creates the first impression about a home. By adding a fresh coat of paint to the door, you can ensure that first impression will be favorable. (Note to those who are selling a home: Repainting the front door may be the best investment ever made.)

Idea #5: Paint just a few exterior architectural details. Even if your customer doesn’t need to paint the home’s exterior for maintenance reasons, you might want to suggest they consider painting a few architectural details for appearance’s sake. Shutters are one possibility. If the home has some ornamental fretwork, flaunt it by painting the trim in a strong color that contrasts with the color of the exterior walls.

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