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Happy new year! Everyone at DFW Painting is excited for another year of transforming spaces through the Dallas area, but before we move to 2020, let’s take a look back at some of our favorite transformations, events and projects of 2019.  Although we love seeing the end result of each project, below are nine of the best. 

1.  Brick and Stone Exterior Transformation

Painting the exterior of your home, no matter the siding material, can make a significant impact on curb appeal while updating the look of the house and giving your investment an added layer of protection against the environment.

We had so many amazing exterior transformations, selecting just one was difficult! Painting brick or stone is a multi-step process. Our professional painters used only the best materials to transform our featured exterior painting project guaranteeing a lasting impression.

Scroll to see the before and after.  You’ll be amazed at the difference!

2.  IBB Design Fine Furnishings – Frisco, TX

IBB Design Fine Furnishings, Frisco, TX challenged their designers to create vignettes within their showroom during their Meet the Designers annual event they host in September and we were invited to take part in the design!

IBB asked DFW Painting to create the pallet for several spaces for the event using Sherwin Williams Paint and high-end finishes by Boero, USA, INC. Our featured vignette was the most dramatic of them all!

Scroll through the gallery to see the AMAZING final result! 

3.  Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Selecting just one cabinet painting project to highlight was a challenge.  This project, however, made one significant change, the cabinet color, making the project stand out above the rest.

Refinishing kitchen cabinets is one of the most cost-effective ways to update a kitchen. Existing, outdated cabinetry will look as good as new in a fraction of the time of a full replacement. The finish will be durable and long-lasting when high-quality paints and the right techniques are used.

Our featured kitchen is an excellent example of what a difference professionally applied paint can make to the look and feel of a kitchen. The kitchen looks new and remodeled!!!

Scroll to see this kitchen before and after!

4. High-end Finishes using Boero USA, Inc. decorative paints

In August, we hosted Ed Mattingly of Boero USA, Inc. to learn more about their cost-effective, decorative line of coatings that are exclusive to Sherwin Williams and now, DFW Painting. This innovative line brings high-end finishes such as metallics, suede, Venetian plaster, and concrete, all of which we can now deliver to our customers!

Boero finishes are ideal for both commercial and residential spaces. They add eye-catching finishes, each unique to its area.

Applying this paint takes a special technique, and several of our painters specialize in its application, as you will see in our faux finish gallery below.

Click through to see these amazing finishes created by DFW Painting!

5. Commercial Exterior Stain

If you’re a business owner, you understand the importance of a first impression. Our client noticed that the exterior awning of their business was starting to look worn. Not only did this make the building seem dated, but the exposed wood could also have become damaged from the weather.

Typically we’re called to refresh the paint on the exterior of commercial buildings, but with this project, we were able to feature our ability with stain!

See the inviting entryway by scrolling through the gallery below. 

6. Wood Paneling Makeover

Painting wood paneling can be a difficult decision but so worth the update. Wanting a brighter space and a more modern color scheme, our client hired our team to update their already beautiful wood paneling. They were so pleased with the result, they left us a 5-star review!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “John, Roberto, and Team were first class, efficient and painstakingly detailed from the moment we initiated the project. We had painted our entire great room, with 15-foot ceilings, kitchen, and laundry room. Meticulously done, with great care taken in masking areas off. I would not hesitate to call DFW again, and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a painting project to get done. Outstanding!”

You will be amazed by this before and after! Scroll throw to see the result. 

7. Fireplace and Living Room Makeover

Creating a living space that is functional, comfortable, and beautiful may be difficult, especially if your room is outdated.  That’s why DFW Painting was called to update this space.

Using Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige 6073 on the walls and Portico 7548 on the trim, wainscotting and fireplace, we transformed this living room and you won’t believe the difference! 

Take a look at the inspiring before and after photos below! 

8. Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

Did you know we offer epoxy coating service in residential and commercial spaces? One of the toughest and most durable finishes that can be applied to a garage floor is an epoxy coating. Besides transforming the cement into a professional-looking floor the benefits of epoxy have quickly made it one of the top choices in garage flooring today, especially with the increased popularity of creating gathering spaces in the garage.

We were happy to help transform and help protect our clients garage floor. Our featured project highlights the enormous difference the coating makes!

Scroll through to see the before and after! 

9. Wrought Iron Painting

We saved a fun project feature for last. Wrought iron occasionally will need maintenance, not only for aesthetics, but to ensure longevity and prevent damage from the environment.

The gate that our client hired us to refinish has a unique feature and now a new, bright, clean look!

Scroll through to see!

DFW Painting is thankful for the opportunity each one of our clients has given us to transform their home, property or commercial space.  Each project is amazing in its own way!  We’re looking forward to the projects that will come our way in 2020 and hope all of you enjoy the new year as well.  

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