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Customer Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a little guide to help you navigate through the painting process. Please let us know if there is anything we haven’t addressed. Thank you and we hope you choose DFW Painting.

Before I commit to DFW Painting I have some questions.

What paint do you use?
We have accounts with all the major paint manufacturers. If you have a preference please let us know. We prefer to use high quality paint supplied by Glidden Professional, which allow our crews to work efficiently.

Are you insured?
Yes we have a general liability policy through Farmers Insurance.

Ok I want to get on the schedule how does this work?

How do I schedule my project?
If you need an adjustment made on the estimate please contact your estimator. If no adjustments are needed then simply sign and fax it to 972-633-2695. Once Michele, our office manager, receives the fax she will call you to pick a start date. Her direct line is 469-277-1242 and her email is Michele@dfwpainting.com.

Where do I choose colors?
Anywhere you want. All the major paint manufacturers share their color formulas. We highly recommend that you buy a sample and put it up to ensure your satisfaction with the color. A few options are Sherwin Williams, Home Depot, Lowes, and Glidden Professional.

What sheen do you use? Is it oil or latex?
As a standard we use latex eggshell on walls, latex flat on ceilings, latex semi-gloss in closets and pantries, oil semi-gloss on wood trim doors and cabinets, and latex satin on exteriors. If you would like something different, just let us know.

Who do I give my color selection to?
Please fill out a color chart with your color selection and fax to the office at 972-633-2695. Please note that we prefer to have the colors selections 48 hours prior to a job start. Either your estimator or the office can email you the color chart.

What do I need to do to prepare my house for this?

What about the furniture?
We ask that you move anything on top of or inside of the furniture so we can move it easily. We recommend boxing all the items and leaving the boxes in the room. We will cover the boxes with plastic for added protection. This will make it quick and easy for you to put your room back together and you don’t have to worry about your items being damaged. Please let us know if the furniture is modular or currently damaged in any way.

What should I do with my pictures, drapes, and bedding?
The small pictures usually fit in the rooms box. The bigger ones can go in another room or closet we aren’t painting. This is a great time to have Town and Country cleaners clean your drapes or bedding. They will take them down before we show up, clean them, and then install after we are gone. If you forgo the cleaning, please move the bedding to an area we won’t be painting in.

Where do I put all the stuff from my cabinets and closets?
Cleaning out cabinets or closets can take some time, but will be rewarding once it’s painted and looking good. The garage usually gets the bulk of the kitchen cabinet items and spare bedrooms are usually loaded up with closet items.

Family heirlooms, one of a kind rugs, irreplaceable pieces, any suggestions?
If you have items that are irreplaceable we strongly suggest you have professionals that specialize in moving them take care of it, if you aren’t able to do it yourself. Many of the local art galleries provide these services.

I’m getting my whole house painted, where do I sleep?
We can leave one bedroom and bath alone until another bedroom and bath are completed, however, we don’t recommend it. Being masked off in a room, trying to sleep with paint fumes, and not being able to run to the kitchen can make it difficult to keep your sanity. We highly recommend you stay somewhere else. We have arranged for special pricing at several area hotels. Please call the office for details.

What happens the day the job starts?

When does the crew/estimator arrive?
The crew usually arrives between 8 and 10 and the estimator soon after. If you need someone there at a specific time please let your estimator know.

How late does the crew work?
The day of the job start please let us know how late the crew can stay.

What days do they work?
They work Monday-Saturday. Sometimes they will work on a Sunday to finish a job.

Can I leave, or do I have to stay?
Yes you can leave. Please feel free to go about your normal schedule as much as possible.

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