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DFW Painting has been building a legacy of excellence since 2004.  Our team is hard-working, productive and happy which allows us to build upon our company’s foundational values that set our painting service apart from the others. 

Our values are supported by three pillars of focus: Customer Service, Service to our Community and Employee Appreciation.  

Customer Service 

Your home and office space are one of your greatest assets. We understand this from the first moment that we hear from you.  Everyone from our educated, detail oriented customer service staff to our talented paint crews will ensure that your project is handled in a professional manner allowing a seamless service from beginning to completion.

Service to our Community

DFW Painting serves our community by donating services to local charities, and through sponsorships to benefit disadvantaged families, women, and children.  We often team up with local organizations such as 94.9 KLTY and Dwell with Dignity to offer a full range of services to transform the lives of those who are in need.  

Employee Appreciation

Every employee at DFW Painting is valued and important. We understand that the bonds between us are essential to our effectiveness as a group and we take time to celebrate accomplishments, special occasions, and charity events.  Our family atmosphere translates into the care we give you and the project you trust our team with.

DFW Painting continuously strives to build upon our values to ensure that you have an incredible experience with us from start to finish.  We look forward to visiting with you about your next project and for the opportunity to show you how DFW Painting’s values set us apart in the DFW area.


DFW Painting and 94.9 KLTY #Speaklove project
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