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Door Painting Over Stain Process

Painting Over A Stained Door

Does the door have to be open for you to do the work?

The door only has to be open to get the small edge that is covered up by weather stripping when the door is closed. If you are unable to be home we will work on everything but the hidden edge.

What is the process for painting a stained door?

All work is started by laying a drop cloth down and masking off the trim or brick with tape and paper. Then the process begins by a light hand sanding to remove the contaminants and smooth the rough edges. We apply and hand sand a coat of fast dry oil primer. If you have heavy brush lines or multiple layers of paint you might want to discuss stripping the door. Next is applying caulk and putty where necessary. Depending on the current condition of your door some dings, dents, and lines may be visible when the work is completed. Once the prep is completed, we will brush a coat of latex based semi-gloss paint. If brush lines are not acceptable, please discuss the option of spraying your door.


When can I shut my door?

Your door should be dry and ready for you to reinstall the weather stripping that night or the following morning.

Do you spray or brush the paint?

Our online repainting price is for brushing the door. If brush marks are a concern you may consider having the door stripped and sprayed.

Do you strip the door down to bare wood?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. The goal is to remove the clear coat and some of the stain. Sometimes the stain is soaked into the grain and stripping doesn’t get it all. Stripping can add 1-2 days to the door refinishing process.

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