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Door Refinishing

Refinishing your front door is one of the fastest and least expensive ways to refresh the exterior of your home. We want to help you with this process. You’ll find answers to some of our most asked questions about door refinishing below.

Door Refinishing Calculator

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there extra charges for more intricate doors?

Our online pricing is for standard doors. If your door is severely weathered or intricate, the price may change. A DFW Painting representative will confirm the process and pricing with you before the work starts.

Does my door have a warranty?

Yes, we offer a one year warranty.

What is your process for door painting and refinishing?

To learn more about our process, please click on which type of door refinishing you are looking for.

Paint over Stain

How do I choose a stain or paint color for my door?

We offer six stains and six paint colors to choose from. You can choose from one of our 6 standard colors, or for $50 more we will use the stain or color of your choice. Simply provide us with the color and brand name.

What stain color should I choose?

In order to make the door look as new as possible we recommend using the same color or a very similar color to what you already have. Please note that the color samples on our website are from the manufacturer and are their best representation of their product. Color variation is to be expected. Stains allow the previous color on the door and the color of the wood to show through. This will alter the color. If you’re home when we’re doing the work we can apply a small sample for you to approve before we stain the entire door.

Can I stain my door darker?

Yes, we can stain your door darker. Please note that the heavier the application, the more it will obscure the natural grain pattern of the wood.

Can I stain my door lighter?

Possibly. We won’t know how deeply the current stain has penetrated into the door until after we start the project. If our cleaner removes most of original stain, then we will be able to use a lighter color. If not, we might need to re-stain using the original or a similar color.

How long does it take to refinish a front door?

Typically, about half a day.

How long does it take to dry?

Depending on the weather the door takes 4-6 hours to dry.

Do you remove the front door?


When can I close my door?

In the evening after the door is completed the door can be closed — unless you have removed the weather stripping, in which case it can be closed right away.

How many coats of varnish do you apply?


What brand of materials do you use?

We prefer to use high quality materials supplied by Sherwin Williams, which allows our crews to work efficiently. If you would prefer another manufacturer please let us know. Use of materials from another company may increase the price of your project.

Do you switch out the hardware?

No, we don’t switch out hardware.

Do I need to be home?

No, but if you are not home the weather stripping around the door needs to be removed.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.

I’d like to discuss my project and get a firm estimate. How does this work?

First, use the calculator on this page to get an instant quote, then tell us about your project on our free estimate page to request a firm quote.