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Do make note of the desired environment for interior painting. What mood do you want to convey? A peaceful haven or an energy inspiring space? Think about your favorite places to play, or a restaurant you love frequenting. What is the color palate used in these settings? Perhaps it will work well in your home.

Don’t underestimate chameleon qualities of color. Varying types of light cause changes in any color. Talk to your DFW painting professional about painting a test swatch on a portion of your wall that receives both natural and artificial light. Observing color in these various types of lights will aid in your decision-making.

Do plan on smoothly integrating your home with color for a successful house painting project. Think about the flow from one room to the next. Pick out a palate that will work well together on your walls and then unite the rooms by painting the baseboards, trim, and crown molding all one color.

Don’t forget your ceilings. DFW painting is known for our popcorn removal. We have a proprietary process unlike that of any other Dallas painting companies. Nothing updates a room like removing that 1970s texture. Give painters the opportunity to make your home feel brand new with more than just color!

Do embrace the new neutrals. Gray is the new beige. It is versatile and comes in warm, cool, light, or dark shades. Painters in Dallas have seen an increase in demand for all shades of gray. Rethink your view of this color and reinvent your favorite space with just the right shade of gray.

Don’t resist your instincts. One thing all painting companies can agree on is the customer must feel comfortable with the outcome. You can refresh a room without making drastic changes. It’s allowed.

Do make note of anything needing to coordinate with your home’s interior color choices. Painters in Dallas have the privilege of painting some of the most desirable homes around. What type of tantalizing pieces do you want to incorporate? A family heirloom, an awe-inspiring area rug, or maybe an envied piece of artwork from abroad?

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