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She and her husband had just purchased a home in Plano and the cabinets were a little outdated and they wanted a little more modern look so they called DFW Painting who sent an Project Manager/Estimator who came out within a couple of days. After coming in and taking look at the project, the Project Manager, went to his car and within five minutes they received an estimate.

She was a little concerned about how the process would inconvenience her family, but the Project Manager promised the work would be completed in 3 days and it was.

They were very pleased with Victor, the crew leader. He was very respectful of their home and of their family.

After they cleaned up on the third day, the Project Manager asked her to walk around with Victor, the crew leader, and just point out anything they were not happy with and in walking around to check she saw that it was perfect and she didn’t see any problems at all. Even a few days later when she was putting things back in their place she couldn’t find one mistake.

Darla says, “We called DFW Painting because we knew they had been around for a long time and we anticipated that going with an established company, we’d get the results we wanted and we did!”

Testimonial from Cathy in Garland
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