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Every day, your exterior wood surfaces are exposed to the environment, the sun’s damaging UV rays and rot inducing moisture. These surfaces can benefit significantly from a single addition: stain.

Staining your fence improves your curb appeal, highlights the grain of the wood, and beautifies your outdoor area. The added benefit of stain is that its protective properties elongate the life of your wood surfaces. A fresh coat of stain prevents rotting, limits UV Damage, and prevents the wood from splitting.

Take a look at our recent fence and garage door makeover.  Isn’t it amazing what a fresh coat of stain will do?



Our client’s privacy fence was starting to show signs of wear. The stain was faded and moisture was beginning to gain access to the wood.


Rejuvenated!  The stain has breathed new life into this fence, making it look newer and now protected from the Texas environment. 

Before – Garage Door

Just like the privacy fence, the home’s garage door needed a fresh coat of stain. See the transformation below!



Although very similar to the original color, the fresh stain made a big impact with additional curb appeal while protecting the garage door.  

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