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Wrought iron fences and gatesWrought iron fences and gates are both beautiful and durable. They are proven to increase the property value of your home while adding a beautiful feature to any landscape.

However, they are not immune to the elements making regular maintenance a requirement to ensure a long life.

Here are five maintenance tips to ensure the lasting integrity, elegance and charm of your fence.

Remove Vegetation and Debris

Over time, landscaping debris and vegetation can accumulate around your wrought iron fence.  This debris collects moisture which can lead to damage, corrosion and weaken the fence.

Clean the Fence and Remove Rust Spots

If you notice that the fence is dirty, use warm soapy water to remove any accumulated dirt and debris.  Rust is the greatest enemy of outdoor iron fences. Use a stiff wire brush to remove early signs of rust to prevent further deterioration.  Pay close attention to decorative curves, hinges and bends in the fence.

Inspect Regularly

Early prevention is key to maintaining the life of your fence.  Look for signs of rust, chips in the paint, cracks or damage.  Make repairs as needed. Inspect welds and repair to maintain it’s structural integrity.

Reapply Paint

To prevent rust, pitting or overall deterioration, wrought iron should have paint uniformly re-applied every 2-3 years using exterior rated, high-quality metal primer and paint.

Apply Protective Sealant

If your fence is exposed to factors other than environmental wear and tear such as sprinklers and vegetation, a thin layer of metal-grade wax can be applied to the outside of the fence for added protection.

Most wrought iron will stand the test of time with just a little care on your part. DFW Painting uses the best metal paint and primer to ensure that your wrought iron fence looks great for the years to come.

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