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Finding the perfect paint color for your walls can be difficult. Even if you’re a DIY’er painting for the first time or a seasoned professional painter and know what to expect when painting your spaces, it’s essential to be mindful of the four tips below when narrowing your color options.


Be mindful of the lighting you’re in when choosing a paint color for your space. Incandescent lighting emits more yellow light, and fluorescent lights emit more blue, so your actual paint color may look more yellow or bluer depending on the light in your space. Make sure the final color you select is seen in the light it will be in, whether it be natural or artificial.

PRO-TIP: Paint your color options on large cardstock or cardboard to create a movable color sample to test lighting around the room. Viewing the color sample throughout the day and night will help ensure your color selections meet your vision.


As we age, the lenses of our eyes will gradually yellow. This yellowing can impact how we perceive color. For example, the yellowing lens tends to absorb and scatter blue light, making it difficult to see differences in shades of violets, blues, and greens. We may even see crisp white as ivory. Keep in mind that your color selections may be brighter or a shade different than your ultimate goal.

Aging eyes also tend to be more sensitive to glare, so selecting matte or flat finishes help to reduce glare.


Did you know the smaller the object, the darker the color will look? Test your color options in large swatches for an accurate representation of the final color.


Have you ever torn a page out of a magazine because you loved the paint color in the room? Sometimes magazines will share resources so you can find out the exact color. But beware, that exact color in paint form may not look like the color in print form that you were drawn to in the first place. Match a paint swatch with the actual color in the magazine instead of using the color the magazine tells you it is.

Dallas area businesses and residents have relied on the painting professionals at DFW Painting since 2004 to transform their interior and exterior spaces.  If you need further assistance with color selection, let your project manager know at your scheduled, no-obligation, free estimate.  We are here to help! When you’re ready for an update, schedule your estimate.

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