Garage Floor Coating

DFW Painting’s garage floor coating service improves the look and feel of any garage. There are a wide range of coatings to choose from. We can help you select the one that is best for your garage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your work guaranteed?

We provide a one year warranty against cracking, peeling and installation defects.

How long does the standard coating take to apply?

Our floor coating process usually takes one to two days to complete.

What do I need to do to prepare my garage for installation?

All that we ask is that your garage is completely empty before we arrive.

When can I move my belongings back into the garage?

Once installation is complete, we suggest that you wait at least twenty-four hours before walking on your garage floor surface. We recommend that you wait at least one week before driving or parking your car in the garage.

Can your floor coating be installed if I have a moisture problem?

For a suspected garage floor with moisture problems, we do not recommend installing the coating. The moisture under the surface could cause the product to peel.

How do I know if I have a moisture problem?

If you have white, green, or dark spots in your garage, you could potentially have a moisture problem. A simple test will determine if you do have this problem. Take a trash bag and tape it to the part of the floor you suspect has the problem. Wait a day and then remove it. If a dark spot or water droplets appear under the trash bag, you have a moisture problem, and we do not suggest the coating system for your garage floor until the moisture problem is corrected.

What if I already have a coating on my floor right now; can I still get your product installed?

Yes. When you fill out our pricing form just select the Prep Current Top Coat option. On the day of your job start our representative will inspect your floor and explain the best option for removing any existing coating that may be on your floor. Additional charges apply for prepping a previous floor coating.

What are the flake chips for?

The flake chips help with nonskid and give the floor a decorative look by helping to hide imperfections.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.

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