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Hope’s Door is a Collin County non-profit organization that was established in 1986 as a crisis hotline. Clients were housed in local hotels until the opening of a 21-bed emergency shelter in 1989.

It has since grown into an emergency shelter and counseling center for individuals and families affected by domestic violence. There is a host of programs and services they provide encompassing housing, counseling and legal advocacy for adults and children.

“We specialize in comprehensive intervention and prevention services for all members of a family affected by domestic violence – from victim to abuser. We believe it is important to include the abuser in the recovery process in order to stop the cycle of abuse,” says Suzanne Bock Grishman, Chief Development Officer for Hope’s Door.

The mission of Hope’s Door is to offer intervention and prevention services to individuals and families affected by domestic violence and to provide education programs that enhance the community’s capacity to respond.

Annually, Hope’s Door responds to over 1,900 crisis hotline calls, shelters more than 400 women and children, houses over 50 families in transitional housing and provides counseling and legal advocacy to more than 1,300 survivors.



Hope’s Door had some common areas they wanted to invigorate and update. DFW Painting, specifically, wanted to help make a difference in the daily environment of the people that were being helped.

Sherwin Williams was quick to help and facilitate the donation to Hope’s Door. “We are pleased to partner with DFW Painting for this great cause,” says Michael W. Coburn, Sherwin Williams Sales Representative/DFW District.


The exterior doors and shutters and the interior kitchen/dining room and living room of the shelter were chosen to repaint.

The weary-weathered white door and shutters were painted in beautiful earthy tones. The shutters are now a Sherwin Williams’ deep Shamrock Green while the front door is a rich Sable Brown, not pictured. (SW 6083: Sable.)

Shutters in SW 6454 Shamrock Green

Shutters in SW 6454: Shamrock Green

“The shutters are my favorite part! They look amazing! The once sterile white shutters are now a beautiful and welcoming green. It adds so much to the exterior and really makes the house look more like a home,” says Melanie O’Brien, Marketing and Community Relations Manager.

“For the Kitchen,” Director of Residential Services, Aimee Ziegler says, “We wanted to choose a color that was not institutional and boring to bring some life into the common areas, so we chose a tranquil lavender color for the kitchen and dining area which compliments the oak cabinets and stainless steel appliances.”

SW 9072 Dried Lavendar

Kitchen and Dining Room in SW 9072: Dried Lavendar

“It not only makes our day as staff, but also clients that are here as well and they are always making compliments about how great the house looks,” says Desiree Stephens, Shelter Case Manager.

The living room was transformed from a heart-racing rust red to a happy blue-green, which promotes tranquility and serenity.

“I love brights and I love things that make people feel happy and excited to be in a room. This, blue, it’s very happy and it’s very inviting, you want to come in here and hang out,” says Katherine Vazquez, Shelter Program Manager.

“Hearing women come and say, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s so much nicer in here and look at the décor and the paint and the colors,’ it just changes the whole atmosphere and it really changes the feeling when you walk in so it was a great improvement,” says Shelter Case Manager, Chelsea Baker.

Living Room in SW 6486: Reflecting Pool

Living Room in SW 6486 Reflecting Pool

“We were extremely excited to have DFW Painting come and say, ‘We want to come and help do all these things … (living room, kitchen, shutters and door)’ and we were just amazed and so surprised about how great it all looked and we are all so grateful … It makes everyone feel so good and so at home,” says Director of Residential Services, Aimee Ziegler says,

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Hope’s Door to help make the environment of the families they help a more cheerful place to be,” says Mercy Gary, DFW Painting’s Multi-Media Coordinator.

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