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When Betty first called DFW Painting she had us paint her kitchen. She and her husband were so happy with the results, that they had us return and paint the laundry room, dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms and the whole outside exterior of their home.

“It looks great and the paint has stood up beautifully for several years now, so the quality is great,” Betty said. She was impressed with the paint job in the master bedroom, which features a high tray ceiling. “I was so impressed at how beautiful it looks.”  Betty is so pleased that she has had us come back for multiple projects. She says she is already planning her next DFW Painting project.

“The painters are awesome!”, Betty says. Rod, her Project Manager, mentioned that several of the painters had been with the company for years and years.  “In fact, when we had a couple of projects spaced out within a couple of years, we saw the same guys again and that says something for the company right there, when they have the same people working for them for years and years, they must be a great company to work for,” Betty said.

She notes that the painters are always professional and careful about her furniture and that when the painters leave it is all cleaned up and you can’t even tell that they have been there.  “It is so beautiful. We are very happy,” she says.

When the painting was completed, Betty went upstairs to inspect the walls and cabinets that the DFW Painting crew had painted. She said that she was “so impressed” with what the painters had done.  “The holes that were in the wall were patched and the texturing was so perfect that I couldn’t even tell where the holes had been,” she exclaims.  

Betty says that the cabinets were also beautiful, and that she was pleased with the entire job.  “They just are great people to work with … everything is easy, efficient and the result is I have a beautiful home painted beautifully inside and out. It looks great and I am very, very pleased and I would highly recommend them,” Betty said.

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