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The school year is about to begin and trying to navigate through the school year can be stressful.  Our Trusted Partners at Sorted Out provided us with five tips to help elevate some of the stress through organization.

  1. Pantry Organizing 101.  Organize a special bin for “after school snacks”. Before they come rushing in the door to eat you out of house and home, create a stack station that they can pick from to avoid spoiling their dinner.
  1. Designate a Homework Station.  This could be at their desk, island counter, or dining room table. This “station” should be consistent and where the kids sit down and focus to get it all done.
  1. Family Calendar Organization. Yes, a family calendar! We get this question all the time. With all the children’s’ activities and school stuff it’s hard to keep it all together and organized. I use the Cozi App. www.cozi.com. For years this family calendar has been useful to so many families. It allows you to share your calendar with others and even make grocery shopping lists.
  1. Create a communication center in your home. This is a designated space in your home for all those papers that come home which can be overwhelming. You will want to keep the “often referenced” items such as the school calendar, teacher contact info, and websites for homework duty in your communication center at all times. A bulletin board with some letter files would be a great combo for these items and other papers you don’t have to attend to right this second. Examples for those “other papers” would be to consider files for each child, homework, things to sign and return, etc.
  2. Mudroom Maintenance – Before your kids start school, carve out a little time to do some “purging” in the mudroom closet or laundry room, where ever you have your kids keep their backpacks, extra circular activities, umbrellas etc. Get rid of the old stuff that is not needed for the new school year about to start! Start off with a nice clean space and make sure all the items are labeled properly. I love the www.stuckonyou.biz labels. They come in variety packs so I can use them all year round!

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