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The Crossroads Baptist church found DFW Painting through a family in their church. The family recommended DFW Painting because of the great work that was done in their home.
The church was built in 1989 and the colors reflected the color scheme that was popular in that time period. It was a pink mauve color that wrapped around the church walls beneath the hot pink chair rail. They wanted to update and modernize the space with a new neutral color scheme. “The first time we walked in and looked into the worship center after the paint job was completed … we had had a number of people come in and some people … clapped and … people were extremely impressed with the color scheme.” Since the completion of the job the church has discussed continuing the transformation and update of other areas in their church.
The church members were very pleased with the end result and the professionalism of the people. Pastor Gilbreath and his staff would highly recommend DFW Painting to anyone else who was interested in painting services who says he doesn’t think he could be more pleased with what they have.

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