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Stucco and Brick Painting

Stucco and Brick Painting

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DFW Painting’s professional painters will paint your exterior and interior stucco and brick for a beautiful, fresh look using only the best materials for the job. Painting these surfaces is a multi-step process and our Dallas based painters deliver results that make a lasting impression. Painting commercial and residential exterior and interior brick and stucco since 2004, our painters understand the most efficient way to complete your project on time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of paint do you use?

We prefer to use high quality paint supplied by Sherwin Williams, which allows our crews to work efficiently. If you would prefer another manufacturer please let us know. Use of paint from another company may increase the price of your project.

Do you caulk (exterior) windows?

Yes, we do… and we match the caulk color to your windows.

Are gutters removed when painting exteriors?

No, gutters stay in place and are painted as well.

Does the paint smell or is it low VOC?

Most of the water based products are low VOC  (volatile organic compounds), and low odor. Any oil based paint used for wood surfaces will be higher in VOC and odor.

Does the estimate include the cost of the paint?

Yes, the estimate is all inclusive. It includes labor, materials and sales tax.

Do you replace rotted exterior wood?

Yes, but not all types. We will inspect and give you specifics.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.

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The paint job by DFW Painting made this whole house look warm…. It brought life to my house and everyone that has come into my home has asked me “who painted your house?”, because it was such a wonderful job.

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The Stucco and Brick Painting Process – Exterior Application


  • DFW Painting’s professional painters will thoroughly clean the surface.
  • Once clean, bare surfaces are primed using a high-quality concrete and masonry primer. An elastomeric patch or sealant is applied if needed, allowed to dry, and then the topcoat is applied.
  • The painters examine the brick and stucco for any cracks, crevices, and openings which are then are patched and sealed using an elastomeric patch, sealant or caulk.
  • All sealants are allowed to dry for 12-hours after application.

Painting the surface

DFW Painting partners with Sherwin Williams to bring you the highest quality paint and finishes. When painting brick or stucco, we recommend Conflex Sherlastic Elastomeric Coating. The coating has the following benefits:

  • 100% acrylic coating that provides excellent flexibility, durability and is weather resistant making the coating ideal for exterior surfaces.
  • Reduces water damage on interior surfaces (when painted on exterior surfaces) by protecting the concrete and masonry surfaces against wind-driven rain
  • Conflex Coatings can be tinted to many colors. However, it is available as a flat sheen only.
  • Mildew Resistant 

The professional painters will use a brush, roller, or spray to apply the coating. Two coats will are applied with overnight drying times between coats. 

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By focusing on customer service, high values and attention to detail, DFW Painting has become one of Dallas / Fort Worth’s leading painting contractors. We’re painting experts. We often work closely with developers, interior designers, architects and other contractors. We can integrate seamlessly into your project.

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DFW Painting has been painting the Dallas area since 2004. Our team of professional painters dedicates ourselves to making your painting project easy. From clear communication from the start to our 3-year workmanship warranty, our professional painters will deliver a service and quality results that both our clients can be proud of.