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The Winner of our Paint Patrol Contest was announced this morning on 94.9 KLTY. Nominee #4, Marisela and Jose of Dallas won the contest with a submission from their family member Deanna.
Listen to the audio from Frank Reed calling the winners Marisela and Jose this morning.

Paint Patrol Winner

This is the winners submission for the contest:
My name is Deanna and I would like to nominate my cousins house for this contest. This house is in the heart of oak cliff-it actually use to belong to my aunt who past away 10 years ago. This house was left to her 3 children Mari (who was in her early 20s) Lorena (mid teens) and Rafael aka Chuck (pre-teens). After my aunt past away with a sudden brain tumor, Mari the oldest with a 3 year old of her own took custody of her younger siblings. So the last 10 years they have resided at this house their mom left them. Through the tragedy of their mom they were able to find Christ and have clinged to him this whole time. Now that her younger siblings are getting older and moving on with their lives with marriage, etc. Marisela and her husband of 3 years now are in this old house that really doesn’t look like the house it could be. We always joke around during halloween and say it would make the perfect haunted house. I know with a paint job they will not see this house as crappy rag down house anymore, but will start to see it as the house that held them together through the toughest times of their lives. Their house has always been a place our whole family has gathered to celebrate holidays and I know my cousins sometimes feel embarrassed because they don’t have the money to do a full paint job. If you could please please consider my cousins for this contest I know this would be a tremendous blessing for them. Thank You

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