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Hi Ken,
We just wanted to drop you a note about our experience with DFW Painting.  I first heard of your company on the Neil Sperry show and one of the things that grabbed my attention was the popcorn removal process.  We had not thought of having this done but it peaked my interest.
I called and got an appointment for an estimate at my convenience.  This was all handled very professionally and the estimate supplied on the spot.  The entire process was described in detail and we were able to choose the type of texture and paint right then.  When hearing the details of the process we determined the estimate was very reasonable and scheduled the work to be done, again when we wanted it.

The crew that came in were all great and worked very well together including the team leader who payed very close attention to every detail.  At the end of the first day, all the popcorn was removed, seams all sealed and smoothed and texture applied.  We had 4 rooms, an entryway and a hallway all done at one time.  Everything in these rooms were covered and protected (we had just had new wood floors and carpeting installed in these rooms).  When my wife arrived home that first night and walked into those rooms she was so upset because it looked like a disaster area.  She did not realize what was really involed in the process and said it reminded her of the debris blown out from the twin towers.
Things were moving so fast it was at this time we decided to also get an estimate to paint the main living room, entry way and hallway.  Again the estimate was provided immediately since all the measurements were already taken.  We accepted the estimate and was able to take a sample of paint which they matched perfectly.

The 2nd day the crew arrived on time and finished the detail work of painting all the ceilings, painting the walls (which they fit into the schedule) and touching up any area that was affected by tape removal etc.  By the time the crew left you would not believe the transition from looking like part of a disaster with all that plaster to a perfectly cleaned and beautiful result.

This time when my wife arrived home she was flabbergasted at the transition.  We love everything about the job done and with the new texture the rooms seem even bigger!
I would not hesitate to be used as a reference and we already have shared our experience with others.

Leo and Suzette L.

Interior House Painting
Customer Appreciation ~ DFW Painting Office Manager
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