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Updating the color of your walls is an easy way to change the look and feel of your home, office, or corporate building. However, the surface will need preparation before painting. Preparation is everything when it comes to painting to ensure your project is a success.

Preparation can include cleaning, repairing holes or damage, sanding, and priming the surface. While not every surface will require multi-step preparation, high-traffic areas or rooms exposed to oil or grime, such as kitchen walls, may require additional cleaning with a grease-cutting detergent.

Lacquer finishes are becoming more popular as they add an irresistible polish, light and energy to a space.  But when painting with a high-gloss or lacquer finish, such as in our featured project, repairing holes or damage becomes vital. These finishes reflect a lot of light, making every blemish, bumps or imperfection, show. They are quite unforgiving.

Taking time to ensure each repair is fixed and every blemish is removed will be appreciated once the surface is painted.  Once the blemishes or repairs are complete, sanding may be required. Smoothing walls using sandpaper or a sanding block will dull any uneven surfaces that will help create the perfect lacquered finish.

With proper preparation, lacquer and high-gloss paint finishes can be visually striking. Our recent project at IBB Design Fine Furnishings in Frisco, TX, is a prime example of what proper preparation can do! Imperfections are fixed creating a smooth, clean finish. 

The featured vignette was then decorated by one of IBB’s talented in-house designers.  Can you envision this look in your home or office?

If you’re considering a lacquer finish, invest time in the preparation and consider hiring an experienced professional painter to ensure a beautiful finish.  DFW Painting professionals are experienced with using all types of paint finishes and will be happy to provide a free, detailed estimate to help you determine if your project will be within your budget.  

DFW Painting is proudly painting the Dallas Fort Worth area.  Experience a different kind of painting company by calling 972-633-2592.

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