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“Quick fix for the holidays: a fresh paint job” by Roxanne Washington, The Plain Dealer

If you’re having visitors for the holidays, chances are dull or dirty walls and other wall-surface imperfections that you’ve ignored have suddenly become glaringly awful.

“Why is it that we tend to spot deficiencies in our decor just before family and friends are due to arrive?” asks Debbie Zimmer, spokeswoman for the Paint Quality Institute. “In the throes of day-to-day living, most of us become somewhat blind to the condition of our rooms, including their color. But when it really counts, we take a harder, more critical look. All too often, we don’t like what we see.”

Quick solution: A couple of coats of paint.

Tips on hiring a professional painter:

When you hire a painter . . .
If you don’t want to do your own painting, and plan on hiring a professional, there’s more to consider than the color of the paint and price. Angie’s List polled some of its painting service providers, and here are the service providers’ suggestions:
If you have a home built before 1978, hire a qualified lead expert to check it out before you begin any work. Some older homes still have lead paint in the original layers.
Removing heavy furniture is often not included in a painter’s estimates. If you can’t do it, ask if there will be an extra charge.
Having to paint crown molding, baseboards or walls/ceilings taller than the average of 8 feet can also add to the cost, so inquire about extra costs/labor.
If a painter is setting up to do a single room in a home, additional rooms may cost less than the first. It’s possible to save money overall by painting everything at once.
The contract should include what will be done and what products will be used. This includes the type and amount of surface preparation, priming and the type of primer, and the brand of paint. Also include how many coats of paint will be included.
Painters’ schedules fill up fast this time of year, so if you’re hiring a professional, it’s best to begin getting estimates sooner than later, says John Wellman, owner of Final Touch Painting Inc. in North Olmsted.

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