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Radio Interview with DFW Painting owner Ken Bangs

by Dr. Alise Cortez | Working on Purpose (VoiceAmerica Talk Radio)

[ETA: The audio of the interview has now been posted above]

Radio Host of Working on Purpose Dr. Alise Cortez will be conducting an interview of Ken Bangs, owner of DFW Painting. The discussion will focus on his journey as a lifetime entrepreneur. The interview will be available starting January 13th on the Alise Cortez website.

Cortez is a Speaker and Development and Engagement Catalyst, based in Dallas, Texas.  She is a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach who trains people of all ages.  The show explores the journey and experiences of how various people navigate their careers toward meaningful work-life integration.

“(Alise) consults with organizations and conducts workshops to increase employee satisfaction, engagement, performance, and retention,” as stated on her radio website.

“When I heard Ken’s story of how he began the business and some of his early struggles, I immediately thought, hey, here is someone a lot of people can both relate to and be inspired by. Many people hunger to start their own business, but they don’t have the resources, guidance, or mentorship they need. It seemed to me Ken could be a strong role model for a lot of our listeners,” says Cortez.

She says, “I also think how he talks about the technology DFW Painting has developed will be interesting to listeners, along with the clever way you all use website optimization and Google analytics. I think Ken’s description of how he was able to consciously throw his known strengths into his work is incredibly insightful and something I think everyone should do. There is much we can learn from this successful, yet ever approachable and real entrepreneur,”

“I think many of our listeners want to hear about entrepreneurs and how they’ve made it simply because today’s uncertain job market throws people into work on their own. Thus, they may find themselves unwilling entrepreneurs, or see a layoff as the chance they were always looking for to start something of their own,” says Cortez.

As a business owner, Bangs will describe what motivates him, the challenges he has had and the way he has overcome those challenges. 

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