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With the success of home remodeling shows, and countless resources found online, the rules of real estate have changed over the past couple of years. 

According to Carl Medford*, CEO of Medford Real Estate, three fundamental changes have impacted current home buying and selling forever.  

Change 1: The advent of HGTV 

Potential buyers have developed extremely refined tastes due to the countless hours they have spent watching HGTV and other home improvement programs. When searching for a home, they approach the process, clear on what they’re looking for, and seek what they’ve seen and liked on TV.  

Change 2: The advent of mobile devices and high definition internet

Before the convenience of the internet, buyers would visit a home to add or remove it from their shortlist. Home visits are no longer the case. Today’s buyers are using their mobile devices to create their “potential” list. The mobile connectivity gives sellers between seven and ten seconds to visually sell their homes. If buyers don’t like what they see, they’ll scroll to the next listing. 

Change 3: The advent of internet real estate sites

According to Carl Medford* “Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia and a host of broker-owned sites have populated the internet with user-friendly websites that provide property data, historical facts, HD pictures, automated valuations, neighborhood and school info, and more. 

They have completely removed the need for buyers to visit in person to determine if they like a home. Once a buyer has shortlisted available inventory, they only visit the select few they like.” 

Home listing before painting

A great example of capturing the buyer, digitally, is our featured home shown below.  Although spacious and full of desirable features, the home sat on the market for 6 months without any offers, prior to calling DFW Painting.  The home was being overlooked by potential buyers when they searched digitally. 

After DFW Painting updated the color in this home

DFW Painting was called to update this home with a more neutral, move in ready color. Using Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey, once painted, the home featured a pallet that would compliment a broad range of decor making the home buyer ready. Once the home was painted, the sellers received an offer in three weeks!

DFW Painting specializes in transforming spaces across the Dallas Fort Worth area. If you’re interested in learning more about preparing your home for the market, give our team a call at 972-633-2592.


*For further information on the changes in today’s real estate market, see “Fundamental Changes in Today’s Market by Carl Medford, written June 16th, 2019. 

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