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One of the most difficult tasks our customers face is picking colors!  Here is a tip for curb appeal for your home’s exterior.

“The Rule of Three” by Sally Zimmerman, taken from PWC, March/April 2010

Standard three-color recommendations fill most paint cards, and for good reason:  Historical research shows that this is the way most houses have always been painted.  This simple color principle – using separate colors to define the house’s three major architectural elements (body, trim & sash) – has remained constant for two centuries.

The first step toward achieving curb appeal is applying the three-color scheme in the time-honored way:

  • A main color for the siding (body);
  • A second unifying color on the trim; and
  • A third color (almost always darker than the other two) for the doors, window sash & shutters, if any.

This scheme works because it provides an essential visual and organizational structure to the home’s design and construction, regardless of the architectural style.  Whether built yesterday or 100 years ago, all homes share standard architectural elements: windows with operable sashes, doors, a sheathing material, and an overlay of woodwork or trim.

“Color-coding” these elements with paint helps us, almost unconsciously, to see and make sense of the home’s design and consistently brings a sense of harmony and repose to its appearance.

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