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Claire and Paul moved into their new home in Dallas, TX, a few months ago. After having hired DFW Painting to help on the sale of their old house— which sold for more than their asking price— they chose to have DFW Painting paint the interior of their new home. For them, DFW Painting was “tried and true”. They wanted to stay with the company they had come to count on to do a great job.

Paul first found DFW Painting on Yelp, where he read the great reviews and wonderful customer experiences. “I was looking for top painters in the DFW Painting and they popped up,” he said.

One of the issues they had with their new home was that the paint was looking a bit “tired”. It was also, they said, really hard to match the existing paint due to scuffs on the wall. They ultimately decided it was time for a new color that better suited their style and personality.

The line item estimate from DFW Painting enabled them to decide precisely where and how they wanted to spend their renovation budget.

The couple loved walking into their freshly painted spaces to see the transformation. “It looked beautiful, it looked airy and light, just exactly how we wanted,” said Claire.

“We couldn’t ask for anything better. It was a really thorough, really quality job and we are very happy with that,” she said.

Claire and Paul say that they recommend DFW Painting because of the quality of the work, along with the friendliness, helpfulness and trustworthiness of the crew.

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