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Not every home builder understands what it takes to build a 100% true custom home or is outfitted with a team that can take your unique vision, handle the process from permits to completion, and deliver you the home of your dreams. Second-generation custom home builder, Jeff Wilson, knows custom home construction, and this is reflected in his residential construction business.

Jeff is the President of Wilbo Construction Group, LLC, an experienced team who specializes in everything from remodeling renovations to new home construction.  They partner with top quality vendors and subcontractors that meet their high standards of quality to bring your dreams to reality.

Wilbo Construction Group also does light commercial construction as well. Their full-service team can renovate your current workspace, or they can build out a new space to help your business to continue to grow.

DFW Painting is proud to list Jeff and the hard-working team at the Wilbo Construction Group as a trusted business partner. Their attention to detail, proven results, focus on quality and true understanding of custom work allows them to bring your vision to reality.

To learn more about Jeff, the Wilbo Construction Group team, and how they can provide you with a one-of-a-kind custom experience, visit their website www.wilboconstruction.com.


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