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Design is personal and every space should reflect the personality, style and vision driven by the individual within.  Mike and Bryan Yates, have a passion to create spaces that enhances an individual’s lifestyle and creates a sense of love and comfort for guests.

Mike and Bryan are the owners of Yates Desygn in Dallas.  They believe that their purpose is to listen and get to know their clients, extract their personality, style of living and vision to create a space that showcases and celebrates their client’s personality and lifestyle.

Yates Desygn is a full-service firm that tailors quality and sophisticated solutions for Interior Design, Landscape, Furniture Design, Lighting Direction, and Architectural Enhancement creating an internal and external cohesive concept.

DFW Painting is proud to list the lifestyle designers at Yates Desygn as a trusted partner.  Their passion for style and design, care in understanding and drive to create a meaningful space for each of their clients allows us to recommend their firm with ease.  

To learn more about Mike and Bryan and the incredible spaces they create, visit their website at http://www.yatesdesygn.com.


Trusted Partner - Vine & Branches Fine Woodworks
Trusted Partner - Wilbo Construction Group, LLC
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