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Top Painters in the DFW Area

Claire and Paul moved into their new home in Dallas, TX, a few months ago. After having hired DFW Painting to help on the sale of their old house— which sold for more than their asking price— they chose to have DFW Painting paint the interior of their new home. For them, DFW Painting was “tried and true”. They wanted to stay with the company they had come to count on to do a great job.

Paul first found DFW Painting on Yelp, where he read the great reviews and wonderful customer experiences. “I was looking for top painters in the DFW Painting and they popped up,” he said.

One of the issues they had with their new home was that the paint was looking a bit “tired”. It was also, they said, really hard to match the existing paint due to scuffs on the wall. They ultimately decided it was time for a new color that better suited their style and personality.

The line item estimate from DFW Painting enabled them to decide precisely where and how they wanted to spend their renovation budget.

The couple loved walking into their freshly painted spaces to see the transformation. “It looked beautiful, it looked airy and light, just exactly how we wanted,” said Claire.

“We couldn’t ask for anything better. It was a really thorough, really quality job and we are very happy with that,” she said.

Claire and Paul say that they recommend DFW Painting because of the quality of the work, along with the friendliness, helpfulness and trustworthiness of the crew.

Line Item Estimate by DFW Painting

DFW Painting’s line item estimate is a great way to break up your project when you are on a budget or if you’d just prefer to separate the project for your own convenience.

You can have your whole home measured during the first estimate so that you can have an idea of how to schedule and budget for your home projects.

The Project Manager will assess the size of the project by measuring your space with a laser precision tool to give you the most accurate dimensions and then immediately email you and/or hand you a printed line item estimate.

The breakdown includes each room and within the rooms, the ceilings, molding and any cabinets in the space.

Call us today to have your free estimate today!

Watch this informative testimonial on how our customer used the line item estimate to her advantage.

Dallas Exterior Painting Historical District

Mariana Griggs had just moved into her historical Dallas home and found that it was in need of some repair. She had a roof leak that damaged a lot of the wood on the trim of the house so they called DFW Painting to have that repaired and maintained.

“I want this house to be at it’s fullest potential and I think that the painting that was done outside makes it look outstanding,” says Griggs.

The Project was not what she expected. Griggs says, “Home repairs for me are very challenging and to have someone else take over and have it look beautiful when their finished was the best.”
After perfectly matching the paint and repairing and repainting the trim, Mariana expressed her amazement. “The trim looked like it was brand new and this house was built in 1910,” exclaims Griggs.
Another happy customer recommends us, “I would like more of my neighbors to know about DFW Painting.”

Highly recommended – Interior Painting in Frisco

When the Gregg’s moved into their home, they were not happy with their builder grade paint choices because of the limited color and quality. “We loved our home but the walls were very chalky and we had very limited selection of colors.”
They chose DFW Painting because it seemed like “half of the neighbors had used them.”
The only fear about the process Janet had was that the house would be left messy, which it wasn’t. Even while the painters were working they were very clean and professional. There was no mess left, the house was just as before, “except with pretty walls,” says Janet.
They would recommend DFW Painting and have recommended them to many people already.

Consummate Professionals

After a contractor came in and only did half the job, this couple called us to finish the job. They thought they would save money, but instead they received an unfinished job. They called DFW Painting who matched the texture in their dining area to match the rest of the home to create a seamless finish. “It was incredible because when you work with texture, the mess is big, and the covered everything perfect.” The couple describe the crews meticulousness in covering everything so that the rug an areas around the service were not affected. They were amazed at the clean up and thoroughness. “This is the second time we used DFW Painting. Again, they’ve done a fantastic job. They’ve been punctual, they’ve been timely, they’ve been professional, they clean up after themselves. It’s pretty much a turn key process. They are consummate professionals and I’d have absolutely no qualms recommending them to anybody who needs any sort of painting, texture or any of that sort of work done.”

Fence Staining in Dallas

Stephanie lives in the Dallas area. She found DFW Painting through Yelp where she saw the great Five Star Reviews. The consensus on Yelp was that everyone felt very comfortable and that we had a really easy process. Stephanie made her appointment and met with Rod about her project. “Rod the project manager came out to our house, I showed him some of our concerns. He literally walked out to his car and was able to give me an estimate within the next 15 minutes.”
“DFW Painting actually exceeded our expectations. We have two pets and of course that day, I forgot to put the dogs inside so Javier (the painter) called me, warned me that the dogs were outside and there was no way I could leave work to come home so he actually found an old child gate that was on the side of the house and he created a little barrier for the dogs to be away from the paint, but still be able to enjoy being outside which they love. So, they definitely exceeded our expectations and the dog liked them too!”
Stephanie would highly recommend DFW Painting to anyone that needed their fence stained or needed any painting in their home done. She was very happy about DFW Painting’s follow up after the job was completed to make sure that everything went smoothly and she was happy.


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