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Clients say it best

Established Company

She and her husband had just purchased a home in Plano and the cabinets were a little outdated and they wanted a little more modern look so they called DFW Painting who sent an Project Manager/Estimator who came out within a couple of days. After coming in and taking look at the project, the Project Manager, went to his car and within five minutes they received an estimate.

She was a little concerned about how the process would inconvenience her family, but the Project Manager promised the work would be completed in 3 days and it was.

They were very pleased with Victor, the crew leader. He was very respectful of their home and of their family.

After they cleaned up on the third day, the Project Manager asked her to walk around with Victor, the crew leader, and just point out anything they were not happy with and in walking around to check she saw that it was perfect and she didn’t see any problems at all. Even a few days later when she was putting things back in their place she couldn’t find one mistake.

Darla says, “We called DFW Painting because we knew they had been around for a long time and we anticipated that going with an established company, we’d get the results we wanted and we did!”

Professional Experience!

Beth received a phone call from her husband telling her that he saw great reviews on DFW Painting. She called DFW Painting and got an estimate from Rod within a half hour after he went over to get an estimate. She notes that the Project Manager was very professional and that she felt very comfortable with him. Even after changing things, the office and project manager got back to her very quickly with a revised quote. The Project Manager and the crew came early in the morning, when Rod introduced the crew to the homeowner. The crew started the job right away. Beth, who says she is very picky, checked in on the job periodically to make sure that they were covering everything. “Everything was covered and when they were done there wasn’t a speck of paint anywhere … on any carpet or any furniture,” she says. “When they were done with the painting, they didn’t sneak out,” says Beth, “they actually called me and had me check every room. I felt like they treated my home like it was their own and that made me feel very good. I would use DFW Painting again. They did a great job!”

Painting at Crossroads Baptist

The Crossroads Baptist church found DFW Painting through a family in their church. The family recommended DFW Painting because of the great work that was done in their home.
The church was built in 1989 and the colors reflected the color scheme that was popular in that time period. It was a pink mauve color that wrapped around the church walls beneath the hot pink chair rail. They wanted to update and modernize the space with a new neutral color scheme. “The first time we walked in and looked into the worship center after the paint job was completed … we had had a number of people come in and some people … clapped and … people were extremely impressed with the color scheme.” Since the completion of the job the church has discussed continuing the transformation and update of other areas in their church.
The church members were very pleased with the end result and the professionalism of the people. Pastor Gilbreath and his staff would highly recommend DFW Painting to anyone else who was interested in painting services who says he doesn’t think he could be more pleased with what they have.

Earning Great Reviews!

Austin and Jessica found DFW Painting on Yelp where they were impressed with their high ratings. “DFW Painting proved that they deserved the high ratings that they got on Yelp,” says Austin.
Jessica says they had received two other bids and one of them didn’t even show up. They chose DFW Painting over the others because they impressed with the Project Manager, Rod, and “how trustworthy he felt, the competitive price and good reviews and the quality.” They are very happy they ended up choosing DFW Painting.
The couple live in an older home that was showing discoloration in the paint job so they really wanted to update the space. They wanted to do the paint job themselves, so they could do it to their liking, but they quickly realized after a couple of rooms that it was taking too long. They realize now that it was worth it to pay someone else to do it and that the crew was just as meticulous as they were about getting their home done right. Jessica says, “They did it just as well, but better than we could have done it.”
They are very happy with the experience and “our house looks brand new!” exclaims Jessica.
“I would recommend DFW Painting because they do high quality work and a good competitive price, they are trustworthy, easy to communicate with and it was a great convenient experience for us,” states Jessica.

Nancy’s Testimonial

Nancy Caughron found DFW Painting through a neighbor who had just had her house painted by DFW Painting. Her neibhor said, “You have to come over and see this wonderful job that they did!” Nancy went over and saw the paint job and said it was the best paint job she has ever seen! “I was sold from the minute I walked in the door and I called them immediately!” says Caughron.
Nancy had high expectations after what she saw at her neighbors house and DFW Painting did not disappoint. The crew that came out were on time, professional and polite. The taping they did to prep the area for paint was wonderful. She was very happy to see the results of the paint job. “It made the whole house extremely warm … it was exactly what it needed … it brought life to my house and everyone that walked into my house has asked me who painted my house because it was just a wonderful, wonderful job and experience.”

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Audio Clips from DFW Painting Customers

Listen to our audio files that we have compiled that showcase our customers sharing their DFW Painting experiences with Frank Reed at KLTY.

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