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Wall and Trim Painting and Staining

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Painting your home’s interior walls and trim is often the most economical way to transform the look of your entire home, and hiring a local painter is the easiest way to get the job done with the best possible results! DFW Painting’s full-service professional painters bring their precise attention to detail to ensure a beautiful and lasting finish. They will provide clear communication from the start, the right materials for the job, and make any necessary repairs and prep work along the way.

Whether you’re painting the entire inside of your home or a single room, our experienced painters will deliver outstanding results that will transform your space.

Need help with Color Selection?

Color selection can be one of the most difficult decisions when starting a painting project!

To help you with your decision, designer Lisa Robison points out a few things to keep in mind.

We’re here to help! Let your project manager know if you need further assistance with color selection when you schedule your estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of paint do you use?

We prefer to use high quality paint supplied by Sherwin Williams, which allows our crews to work efficiently. If you would prefer another manufacturer please let us know. Use of paint from another company may increase the price of your project.

Can you paint over wallpaper?

We do not paint over wallpaper as company policy unless it is impossible to remove. Then we sand the seams and seal it.

Does the estimate include the cost of the paint?

Yes, the estimate is all inclusive. It includes labor, materials and sales tax.

Does the paint smell or is it low VOC?

Most of the water based products are low VOC  (volatile organic compounds), and low odor. Any oil based paint used for wood surfaces will be higher in VOC and odor.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.

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The paint job by DFW Painting made this whole house look warm…. It brought life to my house and everyone that has come into my home has asked me “who painted your house?”, because it was such a wonderful job.

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The DFW Painting Project Process

To begin, call 972-400-2319 or submit a quote webform.

DFW Painting makes starting a painting project easy! Answer a few questions and you’re on your way to start your free quote.

Schedule an Itemized, Free Quote

By scheduling an onsite estimate with DFW Painting, you can rest assured that your detailed proposal will outline our services and provide you with an accurate and detailed cost of your wall and trim painting project. Our paint team will give you up-front pricing so you won’t end up with extra costs you didn’t plan for.


Once you receive a quote, sign the agreement.

Select the project details that fit your budget and sign the agreement.

Schedule the project start date.

We’re here to work with you! Set a start date that fits your schedule. 


Select your project paint colors.

Need help with color selection? Let us know! Our dedicated team will review color options and sheen selection to fit your space. 

Expect daily status updates from your dedicated project manager.

Your project manager will keep you updated on the status of your project and with your dedicated and our support team will provide you with any updates or answer your concerns if you’re away.

Project Inspection

After our project manager inspects your space, they will walk you through, giving you the opportunity to review the completed job and to provide any feedback.