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199225-main_FullLeftovers are a good thing. But not when it’s unused paint. Here are a few tips to rid your garage of that unused paint…

1. If you aren’t going to use the rest of the paint, offer it to a neighbor, church or community group. There are folks out there who would really appreciate the donation.

2. If the paint is totally unusable, then here’s a nifty little trick. Remove and toss the lid. Or make a decorative something-or-other out of it. Thing is, get rid of the sucker.

~Check to be sure the paint can is 1/2 full (or less). If the there is more than 1/2 a can left, pour the excess into another container like a milk carton or a coffee can.

~Add clay-based kitty litter so that the can is 3/4 full.

~Stir the paint/kitty litter mixture.

~If some of the liquid paint remains, add more litter.

~Go hug your kitty while you wait for the mixture to air dry until it’s nice and hard.

~Once dry, kick that can to the curb. Well, the trash can at the curb. Don’t you dare dig that lid back out, cuz the trash dudes will not take it away if they can’t see that the paint is dry.

3. Oil-based paint is *KABOOM!* combustible and should be treated like your ex…er…I mean hazardous waste. Here’s a link to a hazardous waste center in Dallas.

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