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This is a question that we are constantly asked. There are many brands out there and of course you hear everyone espousing that brand x or brand y is the best. The truth is that most brands have a low end, mid grade, and top of the line products. So don’t be as focused on the brand as on what line you are buying. Also pay attention to who they market to. Here are some uselfull facts on some great paint manufactures that you might want to take into consideration.

Sherwin-Williams www.sherwin-williams.com
With over 900 retail stores in North America Sherwin-Williams is a house hold name. You can find one in nearly every major city if not 4 or 5 of them. With the amount of commercials they run one would guess that there main market is do it yourselfers. Yes there super paint is good, but remember they have to pay for that marketing some how. One thing that about SW is that they have a product line for everything. If you told them you need primer for moon rock they would probably pull a gallon out for you. They are also very well trained. I have talked with David King the store manager at the parker location in Plano, TX on a number of occasions and have been impressed. One of their products that we love at DFW Painting is their softsuede paint. It goes on so easy and looks great. It definitely blows all the other suede paints we have tried out of the water.

Kelly-Moore www.kellymoore.com
Kelly-Moore says it is the Painter’s Paint Store. They are the largest employee owned paint store in the US with around 150 retail stores in 9 states and around 2,000 employees. Their main market is contractors but they advertise and do a decent bit of DIY’ers as well. If you want to use KM I would suggest their Acrylic Interior Flat Wall Paint 550 for flat interior painting and their 100% Acrylic Low Sheen 1245 which is actually a satin sheen for exterior. Both are great products that you can’t go wrong with. Be sure that you prep your house correctly before you apply these paints.

ICI Paints www.icipaintstores.com
ICI is the largest paint manufacture in the world. Have you heard of Glidden, Raulph Lauren Paints, Liquid Nails, Devoe, Dulux (one of my favorites), or Sinclair? Those are just some of the brands that they own. The history and innovation of ICI runs deep. Just one of their creations is epoxy coatings. ICI in general sells to the DIYers thru vendors such as Home Depot. Since their stores are geared more toward the professional painter you won’t see them running adds on the tv and probably haven’t noticed your local store. You can find one on the website I listed above. A great plus for those that use ICI paints is incredible technology at fair prices. They have a great business model. I’ll tell you right now that there 2402 which is a 100% arylic for exteriors and their 1200 velvet matte for interior painting are among the best.

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